Star Trek is Coming

Star Trek will start popping up on the site starting this week. I’ll be starting with the later sets and moving to the start (since most people have the early stuff and not the later sets).

I should have The Motion Picture all the way up either Wednesday or Thursday night. I’ll post about it when I do. I’ll then be getting other sets on from there.

Pricing will be taking the lowest prices I find on items on eBay.

The later sets are all in NM condition as they were pulled right from the pack and put into sleeves and were never played (I opened around 8 boxes of each set in order to get full sets but could never complete my Reflections set). Once I hit about Rules of Acquisitions to Premiere there will be a lot of played conditioned cards since that is the time I played the most and traded with a lot of other players during that same time period.

I have around two full sets of Premiere Black Border that I’ll be picking apart to put in as singles and they are in AMAZING condition.

Look for more updates to come, follow us on Twitter @CategoryOneGame and on Facebook in order to get updates soon as they happen.



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