Dragonball Z, My Little Pony and Star Wars

Things are always happening at CategoryOneGames.  Between sending out orders, getting new cards in and adding new games, nothing ever stays the same.

Star Wars CCG has seen a huge resurgence with the reset of all Virtual cards. The reset really scared me. I didn’t know which way players would turn. Would I receive multiple requests to buy collections or would I have people contacting me to get back into the game? I’m excited to say that I only had one person sell their collection because of the change and multiple people that have gotten back into the game. I’ve also had multiple people restocking cards for decks that they haven’t played in years. Hunt Down is a beast and cards like Emperor Palpatine have seen their prices go up. Cards like Wokling, Were you Looking for Me and Security Precautions have all been hot sellers but haven’t seen any increase in price. While other cards like Let the Wookie Win is ready to plummet if the PC doesn’t make any announcement saying it’s going to be in future sets.

This reset has revitalized Star Wars CCG and I’m excited to see where the game goes from here. I just know my extra bribing of PC members had better pay off and WHAP needs to become a tier 1 deck after the next set comes out.

If you follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you will have seen some of the great cards C1G has been getting in stock recently. 2014-08-21 21.00.11We have been trying to keep up with the interest in the game and have upped the amount of cards we have bought in order to keep up with everyone’s feverish deck building. There are over 8,000 cards coming onto the site over the next few days.  All of the NM cards have been added, Slightly Played condition cards will be added throughout the weekend and around 5,600 Played condition cards will be next. This means that just about any card we are out of right now, will be back in stock shortly.

One of the things that is hard to restock is the random Common/Uncommon that suddenly becomes necessary for decks. The good news is that I’ve got over 3,000 top Com/Uncom ready to restock. This includes cards like Explosive Charge, Speeder Bike DS, Tie Interceptor and just about every Common and Uncommon from Coruscant and Theed Palace.  They will be hitting the site shortly.


Dragonball Z is coming back with an all new CCG that is completely compatible with the original game.

You can start the battle all over again come October 17th.  The booster boxes and starter boxes are each going to have exclusive cards that you can’t get anywhere else. There are going to be Rares, Foil Parallels and Ultra Rare cards. Classic characters like Trunks, Captain Ginyu and Goku all return.  We are currently taking pre-orders for Booster Boxes, Booster Cases (12 Boxes), Booster Packs, Starters of both Hero’s and Villain’s and Combo starter sets.


My Little Pony has two new expansions that you can now Pre-Order.  The Crystal GamesThe Crystal Games contains over 200 cards that are coming out near the end of November. There will be Special Versions of the six main Ponies. Booster Boxes, Booster Cases (12 Boxes), Booster Packs and Pre-Constructed Combo decks available.

Absolute Discord comes out in February but you can reserve your boxes today.



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