Collection Break

I had a game store back East contact me through Facebook about a collection of Star Wars cards that had been in their back room for the past ten years and were just sitting there. They used to have these binders out on the shelves for players to go through and buy cards from until the game died off in their area and it’s just sat in storage ever since. Of course I was excited about what could possibly be in the binders. They didn’t really remember anything about the game but knew that there were at least twelve rares per binder and sent along this picture.

Just seeing the images on the front of the binders got me all excited but knowing that there were only twelve rares per binder had me thinking conservatively. I offered them a fair amount based off of the Rares guess and what I imagined were in the binders. We went back and forth some and reached a fare deal for both sides. After getting the binders, I thought it would be fun documenting opening them for the first time and seeing what was in each binder.

If you actually watched the whole thing, you see there aren’t many stand out rares but there are plenty of good cards. This is one of those collections that will be a slow but long lasting burn. It will pay off over the next couple of months and will make money over the long run.

The nicest thing about the collection is the condition. These cards had been sitting in storage for over 10 years. They were never played and had been pulled from pack/box to binder without seeing a sleeve or shuffle. Over half the cards are in Mint/NM condition while the other majority are in Slightly Played. Most of the SP cards are that way because of dust that has settled on the top of the card and wont come off or from binder burn in the binders.

Star Wars Restock

The stack on the left are all NM, the middle stack is all SP and the stack on the right played condition. Going through this collection was like finding a time capsule of the game. The pricing of cards was probably my favorite thing about going through it.  Getting over $1 for any Jabba’s Palace card makes me feel good now, I can’t imagine trying to get $10 for a Jabba.  Coruscant Uncommons for only .75 was nice to see, especially cards like Laser Cannon Battery.

The three row box of cards were all commons/uncommons and will be put into one of our Grab Bag Priority Mail boxes.

Overall this was really fun. All the cards from this collection are already up and on the site, ready to be purchased. I’ve got another collection I’m preparing to buy, I actually know what’s in this one but I still think it would be fun showing it when it first comes in.  Hopefully this next one will be up and going around Thanksgiving time.




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